Open Wide

Had my teeth cleaned yesterday. Shouldn’t have waited this long. Felt like the dental tech was blindfolded. Went back today to take care of a cavity. More work to be done ahead.

They gave me three shots of lidocaine which was three hours ago. Still fairly numb but I’m going to try and eat. May be a disaster.

Watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on Netflix the other day. Was about to turn it off when I saw the subtitles but stuck with it. So glad I did. Outstanding!!

Then there was this:


Stupples changes her life with dramatic weight loss

Jamie Farr to become The Marathon Classic – At least the petrol profits will be going to good use.

Sorenstam chops off finger tip – tweets picture

6 Responses to Open Wide

  1. Cougar says:

    Not a good idea to eat or drink so soon. I had my teeth cleaned today and after four shots, I spilled the rinse water all over the front of my shirt. I won’t try anything else in my mouth for several more hours.

  2. jrboca says:

    did they tell you to eat milk bones to grow strong teeth?

  3. Tommy G says:

    How bout the warm weather!!!!!!!! We haven’t had much rain there has the rain affected you much?

  4. Frank Michaels says:

    Life: those foreign movies are very good…check out the Flowers of War…true story based on facts from WW 2…

  5. Ollie Hursferded says:

    A lot of good films came out of Sweden back in the 70’s-along with delicious meatballs. the good thing about those movies…(No subtitles needed). In fact John Candy learned to speak Swedish from watching those movies. (He mentions it in the movie Splash)! Never stop learning!! Stay in school.

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