It’s Official

The 2013 LPGA schedule is out. Players and caddies will be racking-up plenty of frequent flyer miles. Many players only pay for their caddies international flights. Could be a very expensive year for some.

The run of Hawaii-Texas-Williamsburg is a beauty but there’s plenty more. Download the PDF here.

A handful of loopers are looking for bags through Facebook. Good luck to all.

The LPGA Legends has also announced their schedule.

Then there was this:

We are raising a generation of deluded narcissists – Off topic but a must read. Doesn’t look as if “the greatest generation” is a label they’ll be earning.

8 Responses to It’s Official

  1. Below Average Joe says:

    Excellent story.
    Do no cut fields fit into that commentary? Duh! Only alot.
    Perfect, Perfect, Perfect. A perfect account.
    EXAMPLE-Just watch how the President feels free to make up his own laws. Obama care, Gun control. He knows more than all of us.
    Who needs checks an balances when God is in the House?

  2. Bookem Danno says:

    Please tell me I’m not alone in thinking “Five ” majors is stupid. The Seniors went to five majors, and now effectively we consider the US Open as their only major. The others are a joke! Top tours, (think men’s golf and men’s and women’s tennis) restrict their majors to only four. What’s to stop Asia from wanting LPGA to add a sixth major? If youy want to add one fine…but drop one. How about Dinah with a frozen purse and 2-day pro am? A Major???

    • lifeontour says:

      Money talks Danno. From what I understand, the LPGA laid down very stringent demands such as upping the purse, redesign of the course and expanding the field. Evian didn’t blink an eye and complied. Instead of Nabisco, consider the LPGA Championship. Wegmans said this will be the last year they do it on their own.

      • jrboca says:

        schedule is really only plus one from last year. You gain Dallas and Bahamas and lose Navistar. An open week between San Diego and Kraft is strange and what happend to the new event in Lexington/Cincy area? Adding a new event in China, it was actuallu signed 2 years ago but govt interference stopped the event til now. Tour is effectively over Sept 2, with Evian being a limited field event….now the average player has off from Sept 2 til the following March..GREAT

  3. Edward says:

    I agree with Danno that 5 majors is a stupid idea. It’s an odd number and makes the LPGA look less congruent with the PGA Tour in an era where the women struggle for recognition and respect. Also, Evian seems “tacked-on” to the schedule: you have 3 majors in the continental U.S. then the British Open in August. That should be the end of the majors for the year the way the PGA Championship is for the men. But no, because after 5-6 weeks back home the players have to trek over to France in September.

    I’m biased because I’m a Canadian but I assumed that, with CN’s sponsorship commencing in 2006, the Canadian Open was being set up to be a major again. The purse that first year was $1.7 million and rose to, I believe, $2.75 million the year Suzann Pettersen won (2009). Now the purse is $2.25 million. I guess CN is miffed!

    Six (6) majors anyone?

    • jrboca says:

      don’t think the canadian purse was ever 2.75 mil my friend unless that was in canadian funds and the exchange rate was 1.40……Evian became a major because it basically gave the LPGA an ultimatum to make it a major or lose the event to the European tour. ITs a 3 mil purse so what would you do? When you only have about 18 full field events, you can’t lose one like that.

      • Edward says:

        The purse for the Canadian Open did indeed peak at U.S. 2.75 million in 2009 with a winner’s share of $412,500. The purse is now just 2.0 million (my mistake).

        I agree that you can’t lose Evian so perhaps the British Open should be demoted (call it the “Ricoh Classic”)and schedule it back-to-back with Evian to cut down on long overseas flights. The British Open seems tenuous anyway with sponsorship changes and sparse attendance. And my impression is that the women don’t have the reverence for links golf and British weather that players such as Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Ben Crenshaw and others possess.

        You’ve got to love the LPGA: it’s a major because we say it is!

  4. jrboca says:

    when the average player only has 16 events or so(they are not in Kraft,US Open, British and Evian) every week is a major.

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