Five Star Review

Recently, The Beau and Fallen Oak was evaluated by golf writer and entertainment lawyer (his description) Jay Flemma and published on his A Walk In The Park blog. Broken into two parts, the Beau Rivage Hotel in the first and Fallen Oak the second, Jay comes very close to expiring his bagful of superlatives. That’s always good to hear.

His writing style reads more like a novel and may try one’s patience waiting for his conclusions to appear but that must be what his many readers adore.

Former LPGA looper Greg Gallup (AKA Tex) worked for him and received kudos well beyond his skill level (wink, wink). Don’t be fooled by his Alfred Hitchcock–like profile picture though, we all know the web adds twenty pounds.

You may peruse Jay’s review of the course at your leisure here. Fallen Oak and Beau Rivage Diaries Part 2

The forest service is performing controlled burns to clear the underbrush in the vicinity of Fallen Oak. It looks ominous but nothing to worry about. Can’t imagine what a real forest fire would be like.

I’ve been watching Masterpiece Theater’s Foyle’s War on Netflix. Love this stuff.

Then there was this:

Phil Mickelson Teed Off Over Taxes

Tiger Woods admits he left California because of high tax rates

Garmin Approach S3 Straps 30000 Golf Courses To Your Wrist  – Worked for a guy who used this. Seemed fairly accurate.

5 Responses to Five Star Review

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    It’s obvious the clowns that voted for a tax increase on those making 1 mil or more have been effectively brainwashed in this class-envy nonsense. Curious as to how many even worked or were on the public tit.

  2. J Wake says:

    Big fan of Foyle’s War. Typically understated British series, and Michael Kitchen so right as Foyle. Disappointing when WWII ended and the series with it.

  3. Bookem Danno says:

    Also a big Foyle’s War fan. And all the rest of those great Brit mysteries that come over to PBS’s Masterpiece Theatre. The dialogue and character insight is awesome!

    • Edward says:

      Yes, Foyle’s War is so well done. The British manage so well to bring authenticity to their shows. The actors seem like real people much more so than in many North American productions.

      Watch a re-run of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sometime. You don’t believe for a minute that Will Smith is a street kid from Philadelphia.

  4. J Wake says:

    Apparently they have filmed another three new episodes to be shown 2013. From what I’ve read it’ll be shown in the USA, but I can’t find a date for release in the UK.

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