Ø Dark 30

Excellent flick. The interrogation scenes are very intense. Will probably be ignored at the Oscars for obvious reasons.

Was offered a loop on the Symetra Tour but graciously declined. Slow right now (except for Big Game Saturday) but March is a huge month here. It’ll be nonstop through the MGRC.

Then there was this:

Stalker nightmare haunts Australian Ladies Masters champion Christel Boeljon

NBC and Golf Channel to air Phoenix Open simultaneously

Darren Clarke OK after car accident

“Mike” Him Up! LPGA Commissioner joins Twitter | Professional

Commissioner Mike Whan Named 2013 World Golf

Vijay Singh caught in doping controversy after ‘admitting using banned deer antler spray’

LPGA Tour unveils international event pitting eight national teams– This news is so old, forgot I blogged about it in my June 6th post. The LPGA created a web page to facilitate sponsorship but it wasn’t supposed to be made public. They took it down in short order.

7 Responses to Ø Dark 30

  1. hello rarry, will lpga test koreans for deer antler spray? Maybre spray will get rid of bad cooking parents of prayers in extended stay hotels.

  2. Awsi Dooger says:

    Nice job breaking the International Crown news first, although I’d forgotten about it. On your June 14 post, the name from the inadvertent test page on LPGA.com was Navistar International Crown. There must have been some indication Navistar would be the primary sponsor beginning in 2014, even if their typical event in Alabama during September wasn’t renewed for 2013. Any news on that front, whether Navistar will switch sponsorship, or is out of the picture completely?

    I don’t blame you for passing on a Symetra gig. Whan apparently neglected that tour. Only 14 events on the schedule, the lowest in memory. I wondered why they never had an official announcement of the schedule until I checked the website last week and noticed it only included 14 events. They were probably too embarrassed to spotlight it. Somehow they found only 6 events outside three states. Florida hosts 4, North Carolina and New York 2 apiece.

  3. Its a mini tour, who cares….

  4. Frank Michaels says:

    US Navistar foursome: Kerr, Lewis, Lincicome, Inkster…

  5. and that team will lose..without a doubt to superior koreans,,three of them cant putt

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