Media Day

February 28, 2013

Today was media day for the MGRC. Fred Couples, the defending champ, was unable to attend but I heard he video conferenced an appearance.

Jeff Sluman did show though and addressed the attendees.

So far, the entire top thirty on the Champions Tour money list are committed to the MGRC.

STALKR – Another vanity plate I spotted. Would you really want to hang this on the back of you car?

I hear there’ll be a new caddie in town starting on the west coast swing. Miles Blackwelder – offspring of Worth and Myra – will make his LPGA debut.

Then there was this:

McPherson nearing return to LPGA Tour with surgically

Miyazato suffering from whiplash

Futcher hopes future is bright on LPGA Tour

Cold facts about golf balls

Two For Two

February 25, 2013

Jiyai Shin and Inbee Park so far. Only twenty-six more to go for a clean sweep.

Heard there was an accusation of cheating down under. Something about hand signals from one of the parents. Nothing was done of course. Looks like you can do the crime because you don’t have to do the time.

Over two inches of rain pummeled Fallen Oak overnight. All eleven players on the tee sheet cancelled. Good thing. It wouldn’t have been a whole lot of fun anyway. More rain on the way as I pen this.

More support structures are going up for the MGRC along with the grandstands. It’s going to be non-stop from here on.

Then there was this:

LPGA stars Suzann Pettersen, Paula Creamer, Ai Miyazato okay after car crash

Danica Is No Annika

February 24, 2013

I was yelling at the TV for her to go low in the final lap. Reminded of players who’s goal is to just make the cut but not winning it all.

But I’m glad I watched her interview. Sounded like she had plenty of car but the boys on the other end of her radio didn’t believe.

Given all that I just said, what the hell do I know about NASCAR.

Talk about realizing which side your bread is buttered on. These guys know how to thank and promote their sponsors. So persuasive are they, I’m going out to Lowe’s, down a Miller Lite and join the Nation Guard first chance I get.

If my car ever rusts-out, I’m getting some Bare Bond crash tape (the stuff NASCAR patched their cars with) to cover the hole. If it holds-up at 200 mph it can handle our speed limits with ease.

In The Swing

February 21, 2013

Fallen Oak was reserved for Beau Rivage employees and their guests on Monday and Tuesday. It was two days of four-man scramble play for charity called Swing For MGM. For us folks in the trenches, the days were split by busy mornings and afternoons with a huge lull in the middle while play was in progress. Our schedules were adjusted to accommodate but we’re back to normal starting today.

Espied a peculiar license plate in the lot yesterday. It was PB FOOT. Can you unravel its encrypted message?

Then there was this:

Dissension in golf’s ranks on anchor ban?

Ko draws Inkster, Thompson at Honda LPGA Thailand – Golf Channel

LPGA Down Under

February 15, 2013

Plenty of red on the board in Australia. Karlin Beck must feel like she shot a million.

Two more trailers arrived for the MGRC and a crew from AT&T are making all the connections.

Then there was this:

Kangaroo delay hits LPGA’s Australian Open

A Meth Lab Was Discovered In An Oklahoma Golf Course Porta-Potty

Golf in the Olympics Coming Under Fire

Chattanooga companies sponsoring LPGA Tour rookie Brooke Pancake

Ammaccapane Set To Make LPGA Legends Tour Debut | Sun City

And So It Begins

February 12, 2013

The first tournament trailer for the Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic arrived yesterday. Two or three more will follow along with all the accoutrements associated with a first class PGA event. They will reside behind the cart barn on what was half of the employee parking lot. The grunts are now relegated to the main lot for the duration.

The erection of the grandstands should commence in short order. Hope they’ll be donning hardhats. The area short and to the right of the18th green will be especially vulnerable. FORE!

As noted by Ozzy in a previous comment section, Lydia Ko, Michelle Wie and Yani Tseng are paired together. That should create a buzz and acquire the largest gallery.

Then there was this:

Zilch, nada, bupkis. Hold on. There is something.

Player bitten by Black Widow spider in LPGA qualifier

Michelle Wie revamps game after worst year of career

LPGA releases Symetra Tour schedule

On Her Way

February 10, 2013

The University of Southern Miss golf team, along with a few educational loops at Fallen Oak, was but another rung on the ladder for the career of Victoria Espejo. She earned her tour card on the LET and is a rookie this season. Good luck Victoria!

For what it’s worth, espejo translates as mirror in English.

I caddied for a California couple this morning. Found they know former LPGA pro Diane Irvin (aka “LA Law” when she was on tour). I worked for her in a few events. At the time, she lived in a trailer overlooking the cliffs in Pacific Palisades. I always kidded that she should have pontoons installed just in case it ever slid into the ocean.

Then there was this:

Larry Bohannan: LPGA fans need to get to know Lydia Ko

LPGA Partners with SendtoNews for Video Highlight Distribution

LPGA golfers hit balls of JW Marriott roof promoting RR Donnelley

LPGA player donates to military

Making A Loop

February 8, 2013

Check it out. Former LPGA player Kathryn Emrie (formerly Marshall) looping for Condoleezza Rice at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. She’s in the 2nd and 5th photo. Click here. Heard Kathryn is also her coach.

Speaking of loops, I hear “Motorcycle Jim” will be toting the sack for rookie Vitoria Elizabeth down under at the Woman’s Australian Open and Louie Paolini will be doing the same for Kris Tamulis.

Then there was this:

After rough upbringing, Elizabeth earns LPGA card

Ko among nine invitees to Kraft Nabisco

Condi hits woman in face with golf ball

Shave And A Haircut

February 5, 2013

Remember the movie Barber Shop? It revolved around a home grown, iconic establishment on the south side of Chicago where the locals tread and bared their souls. Basically, it was the pulse of the neighborhood.

Well, I found its sister shop, of sorts, here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It’s Cox’s Barber Shop situated on Government St. in Ocean Springs. Today was my second visit in as many months. It’s been a great place to people watch as I rotate through its six cutters.

The lead guy was out sick today but the five others were in, albeit two arrived after me. There was no shortage of customers either. Two being serviced as I entered, another couple waiting and the same amount on my tail and continued that way until I departed.

I noticed a gentleman receiving a shave and was surprised the barber eschewed a straight razor for a disposable. What’s the point I thought. That’s a do-it-yourself operation. The man holding the shaver was of the younger generation, so proficiency with an archaic hone and strop blade must have eluded him.

The first guy in after me went for the full makeover. Looking more like Grizzly Adams than Grizzly himself, he opted for a haircut and full beard and mustache removal. Unrecognizable when he exited the chair.

I drew a cutter with ages of experience. Turns out, as a teenager, he bailed hay on the Wells’ farm which is now the site of Fallen Oak, the course on which I now work. Eerily coincidental. He recalled the time Mr. Wells decided to raise a few hogs. They weren’t for consumption but for reptile control. Poisonous vipers plagued his operation but the hogs found them to be a tasty delight. Their layer of blubber served as protection from the venom so the snakes didn’t have a chance.

While I was in the chair, a lady walked in asking questions about obtaining a Mississippi barber license. She was new to the area and been cutting for the last twelve years. Even though the Big Kahuna in charge of hiring wasn’t there (out sick if you recall) she was almost guaranteed a position in their other shop which was shorthanded. Seemed like she was fishing for a job without making it obvious. By the comments after she left, it was a very good ploy as no caught on but me.

After a few short minutes, I was shorn to my liking. The best part, besides the immersion into the local culture, was the measly $10 charge for the cut.

If you’re ever in the area and in need of a trim, Cox’s Barber Shop in Ocean Springs is the place to go.


February 3, 2013

Looped for “Larry The Cable Guy” and a few of his buds yesterday. It was one laugh after the next. Never had so much fun during a round of golf. Daniel Lawrence Whitney (AKA The Cable Guy) has been playing golf for only three years and is very serious about improving his game. He’s working on a draw but needs more time. It’s hard to rid oneself of golf’s ubiquitous slice even if it’s of the power variety. BTW he’s a lefty.

Larry played country tunes throughout the round via his wireless Jawbone Jambox (great sound for such a compact device but pricey)  and sang along much of the time.

Everyone here agreed, It was a fantastic day.Open-mouthed smile

Tiger last week now Phil. Ya think the PGA is lovin’ this?

The Phoenix gallery is reminiscent of some I’ve seen on the LPGA. Photoshopped of course.

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