Looped for “Larry The Cable Guy” and a few of his buds yesterday. It was one laugh after the next. Never had so much fun during a round of golf. Daniel Lawrence Whitney (AKA The Cable Guy) has been playing golf for only three years and is very serious about improving his game. He’s working on a draw but needs more time. It’s hard to rid oneself of golf’s ubiquitous slice even if it’s of the power variety. BTW he’s a lefty.

Larry played country tunes throughout the round via his wireless Jawbone Jambox (great sound for such a compact device but pricey)  and sang along much of the time.

Everyone here agreed, It was a fantastic day.Open-mouthed smile

Tiger last week now Phil. Ya think the PGA is lovin’ this?

The Phoenix gallery is reminiscent of some I’ve seen on the LPGA. Photoshopped of course.

2 Responses to Got-R-Done!

  1. lawyergolfer says:

    larry, last Nov I qualified a guy from Taiwan for the Champions tour..his interpreter asked me if I would work the first 2 events in Florida and I said yes. Yesterday I show up and in broken english he tells me that his sponsor hired him a Taiwan caddie so they could communicate and travel. He never called me in the 3 months to tell me what was going on and could only say sorrry in broken english,,guess it doesn’t matter what tour or gender the asians are just going to crap on you!!!!

  2. pcb_duffer says:

    Your theory holds only as long as it takes us to find one blue eyed devil who acted like that.

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