In The Swing

Fallen Oak was reserved for Beau Rivage employees and their guests on Monday and Tuesday. It was two days of four-man scramble play for charity called Swing For MGM. For us folks in the trenches, the days were split by busy mornings and afternoons with a huge lull in the middle while play was in progress. Our schedules were adjusted to accommodate but we’re back to normal starting today.

Espied a peculiar license plate in the lot yesterday. It was PB FOOT. Can you unravel its encrypted message?

Then there was this:

Dissension in golf’s ranks on anchor ban?

Ko draws Inkster, Thompson at Honda LPGA Thailand – Golf Channel


22 Responses to In The Swing

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Ten years ago, or so, the golf world was in a tizzy, especially the Golf Channel, over Michelle Wie, who accomplished nothing. She was tall, lean, cute, powerful, and a media charm. This kid KO is short, squat, plain-jane, yet a tactician with her clubs. And she’s kicking ass. She stood toe to toe with the world’s #1, and the hottest player on tour right now ( Shin) and didn’t flinch…while the golf media remains relatively quiet…go figure

    • DaVinner says:

      The biggest difference: no parents in sight.

      • Ozzy says:

        I agree with the no parents bit. Ko only has her Mother travelling with her and she does not interfere with the golf swing/playing side of things.

        The other thing is that we don’t have all the hype in Aust/NZ that the US has when a potential player comes along, and also no Guru golf Coaches to interfere with.

      • the hoff says:

        her mother is her swing coach and works on her swing during practice rounds, just for you information

  2. Tommy G says:

    Agree DaVinner Hey Larry is Wilskie working for Yani?

  3. navarre duck says:

    interesting with the srixon tour bag and hat on ko,rumor has it either new zealand golf or srixon gave her 250 thousand to travel and play tourneys.

  4. scraper says:

    maybe her mom is the new zealand junior talent scout for IMG . like earl woods. IMG bank rolled tiger’s amateur career. you don’t think any thing fishy is going on here. agents are so honest anyway.

  5. luigimario says:

    Paul Fusco is working for Jani. All the parents on tour have the best interest for the little princess on tour . Its called MONEY. A mothers hug is a little different when they shoot a 77.

  6. Bob Stanley says:

    Don’t want to spoil the mystery…but as both an engineer and avid golfer and former Nike/Nationwide local caddy…. PB = lead ergo “leadfoot”. I’m sure the local City cops know what it means. Keep up the good work Larry…always enjoy your banter.

    • lifeontour says:

      Good one Bob. PB is the element symbol for lead. It’s atomic number is 82 which is a very acceptable score for the local duffer. 🙂

  7. Tommy G says:

    Larry Do they have a Monday Qualifer and any chance of you getting a bag at you event

    • lifeontour says:

      Don’t know but we’re going to be too busy for any of us to caddie. I’m scheduled to work the range. Staging the carts for the pro-am will take its toll. Heard we start at 4 a.m.!

    • bocajr says:

      zero chance of gettting a bag plus no carts for the players this year…player can take a cart but are not allowed to carry anything in cart. Caddie can not get in cart for any reason…caddie MUST carry the bag. PS Larry, put the voodoo on Mr Lin who screwd me out of a job will you..

  8. lifeontour says:

    I was wondering about the cart situation. You said no carts but a player can take one. Huh?

    • bocajr says:

      a player can take a cart be can be the only one to use it, before a player had a cart and the caddie could drive the cart with the bag while the player walked. Now, the caddie must carry the bag at all times and can’t use the cart so the cart is for the player to ride only, no xtra towels, food, umbrellas etc in cart. Only 2 players used them in Hawaii and only a few the first 2 weeks.

      • lifeontour says:

        Might be a few more down here. We have a couple holes with decent elevation especially for south Mississippi.

  9. Tommy G says:

    What Jay?????Cart no Cart??

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