Danica Is No Annika

February 24, 2013

I was yelling at the TV for her to go low in the final lap. Reminded of players who’s goal is to just make the cut but not winning it all.

But I’m glad I watched her interview. Sounded like she had plenty of car but the boys on the other end of her radio didn’t believe.

Given all that I just said, what the hell do I know about NASCAR.

Talk about realizing which side your bread is buttered on. These guys know how to thank and promote their sponsors. So persuasive are they, I’m going out to Lowe’s, down a Miller Lite and join the Nation Guard first chance I get.

If my car ever rusts-out, I’m getting some Bare Bond crash tape (the stuff NASCAR patched their cars with) to cover the hole. If it holds-up at 200 mph it can handle our speed limits with ease.

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