Two For Two

Jiyai Shin and Inbee Park so far. Only twenty-six more to go for a clean sweep.

Heard there was an accusation of cheating down under. Something about hand signals from one of the parents. Nothing was done of course. Looks like you can do the crime because you don’t have to do the time.

Over two inches of rain pummeled Fallen Oak overnight. All eleven players on the tee sheet cancelled. Good thing. It wouldn’t have been a whole lot of fun anyway. More rain on the way as I pen this.

More support structures are going up for the MGRC along with the grandstands. It’s going to be non-stop from here on.

Then there was this:

LPGA stars Suzann Pettersen, Paula Creamer, Ai Miyazato okay after car crash


12 Responses to Two For Two

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    You guys know the game. Hand signals about what…?? the club to use or the club selection used by the opponent for a shot…??

  2. ah rarry, asian rumor here in thailand said Michelle wie had driver crash so she could get in limited field events without sponsor invite…hmmmm

    • Bookem Danno says:

      So right you are honorable ajc! Only gets her Rolex ranking points and Solheim points in no-cut, limited field events thru sponsor invites. Was it a Kia Soul that crashed?

  3. Steve says:

    I have been reading your blog for some time. Came across this other caddie. You ever heard of him?

  4. lifeontour says:

    I know Dave. He was on tour the past few years. His site looks well done. Good pictures. But I doubt if he will never delve into the real “behind the scenes” of life on tour. That could get you axed. I wish him well.

  5. Tommy G says:

    Here’s something that happened a few years ago re the Korean fathers….A long time real good caddy was cadding for a korean and the dad would fold his arms for driver and put his hands in his pocket for 3 wood off the tee (something like that hand signals) anyway the well respected caddy lept on insisting that she hit 3 wood ,she did…After the round the dad told the caddy that if he did that again he would “break his legs”….The eperienced looper reported him to the LPGA officials and shortly after that the LPGA called a meeting telling the koreans that they must speak english to the girls so no instructions can be given between holes….Its not the girls fault…its the F…ing parents…I think its the LPGA’s fault the signals keep on going on They have NO BALLS .. Jay anything you want to add….

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