Burn Baby Burn

Fallen Oak is bordered on three sides by the Desoto National Forest and two sides were up in flames today. Well, it really wasn’t as bad as all that. The Forest Service was conducting a controlled burn of the underbrush on two sides of the course. The result was an on-again-off-again smoky haze that engulfed the playing field. Luckily, only a handful of players were present.

Tyler Bouldin, the weekend sportscaster for WLOX, was part of the  hoopla for media day yesterday. As he walked in, Tex noticed the North Texas shirt he was donning. After some chitchat, we find out that Texas’s brother actually gave him that piece of apparel. Weird? I should say so.

The speakers on my TV just weren’t cuttin’ it so I decided to buy a sound bar to optimize the output. But I didn’t wish to spring for a super-duper, overpriced device considering the TV is only a 32’”. I searched the Net for a bargain and just may have found it. I just hooked-up a Phillips with Passive Subwoofer from Best Buy. It was only around a hundred bucks and received very good reviews from different online sites. So far, so good. Sharper clarity and the bass rocks.

Then there was this:

Natalie Gulbis hospitalized in Singapore


5 Responses to Burn Baby Burn

  1. Ozzy says:

    Let’s hope tha Natalie and Sei Re will be OK and no lingering after effects with malaria. That will be a bit of time off the tour, and will now need to disclose on travel documents in future.

    With car crashes and now malaria, the Asian swing may not be as popular in the future.

  2. ah Ozzy Osbourne, more a events needed in asia,,,more popular then in rusa…asians rule

  3. DaVinner says:

    Paula suffered a whiplash, teed it up anyway and tied for 2nd. Whiplash may be the new cure for correcting what ails ya.

  4. bocajr says:

    Larry, heard that Les Nessman was the new sportscaster for your local station…lets see how old your readers are..lol

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