Club Pros Tee It Up

Today was the 2nd and final day of the Club Pro Championship at Fallen Oak. It was best ball and by invitation only for pros from around the country.

A TV, Roku and now a sound bar means three remotes to control them all and it was becoming a bit of a snafu keeping them all straight. So I added a new toy to my audio/video collection to ease the clutter. I read good things about the Logitech Harmony 650 Remote, which can be programmed to control up to five devices (more if you know how), so I picked one up on sale at Best Buy.

I plugged-in the remote to my laptop using the provided USB cable and went to the Harmony site. The set-up was fairly easy. All devices were in their data base and I added them to the remote using the model numbers. I next created some activities. I just have to press one button to do the following. To watch TV; it now automatically turns on the flat screen and sound bar. For movies; the TV, sound bar and Ruku. I even added a custom activity. To use my computer; the TV, sound bar and proper HDMI input is selected. WOW! So easy and only one remote to deal with.

Then there was this:

The private life of Lydia Ko

European Tour Supports Move to Ban Anchored Putters

For Peggy Kirk Bell, golf – like life – has been a joyride

Here is the latest Golf Boys video with Bubba Watson, Hunter Mahan, Rickie


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  1. ah rarry, ru should worka outa to ganem style…asian music da best in world lika asian golfurs

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