MGRC-Round Two

They teed them up two hours early just in case storms came a coming. We did have a small delay but nothing of importance.

Dale was the caddie who corralled the  job yesterday. Andrew Magee was the player and they came in with a stellar four under today. His other looper was just a club caddie who was out of his element on the pro circuit. If Sunday turns out just as fruitful, I wouldn’t be surprised if a permanent (that’s a good one) job was offered.

Tex was also pressed into service at the last moment today. He looped for Allen Doyle after his caddie succumbed to an ongoing problem with a hernia. Doyle may WD though.

My day started out as usual on the range but was transferred to the cart barn in the afternoon since Dale and Tex were out on the course.

Many of these caddies remind me of the type of bag-toter that propagated the LPGA tour when I first started. Not in a good way unfortunately.

Superstition won over reason this morning as one caddie was looking for a cart with a lucky number for his player. He spied an oldie with 63 on its side but was warned that it was not reliable. He eschewed the caution and took it none the less. It died after a few holes. Moron!

I hit the wall around two this afternoon. So far I’ve logged 62.4 hours in five days.

We fill the divots on the range with rye seed and cover it with black sand which had many of the pros questioning its use. From what I understand, being black, it retains the heat from the sun longer aiding in more rapid growth.

Sunday’s forecast: Clear. High of 73F. Breezy. Winds from the WSW at 10 to 20 mph with gusts to 30 mph. – That should make it interesting.

Then there was this:

Teeing Off at Edge of the Arctic? A Chinese Plan Baffles Iceland

Psst–Wanna Buy a Counterfeit Club?

Paula Creamer still haunted by auto accident


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