Will This Ever End?

Eighteen pros stayed over for a post-tournament pro-am at Fallen Oak. We arrived at 5 a.m. to prepare and then caddied for a group.

The weather did not cooperate though as it was in the 30s when we arrived accompanied by a penetrating wind out of the NW which tormented us all day. Sweater vest, fleece jacket, company supplied winter jacket and gloves kept me warm all day. The gloves came off with only two holes to go.

We played a shamble and our pro was Mike Goodes. Afterward it was back to work. Out of there at 4:30. Another long day. Finally, a day off tomorrow.

All the accoutrements associated with the MGRC are disappearing in fast order.

A question has been posed by one of my readers concerning the device I.K. Kim’s caddie was wearing on his wrist during the playoff. It was either an extremely large watch or possibly a GPS according to this witness. He had it on walking down the fairway but it was gone by the time they reached the green. Anyone out there know what it was?

Then there was this:

One-handed golf shot out of a tree? Yeah, this PGA pro’s got that

LPGA’s CME Group Titleholders moving from TwinEagles to Tiburon


3 Responses to Will This Ever End?

  1. ahh rarrry, hearda mika whan say the udder day that you hava founda yura tru calling in rife, ranga bala picka!! he reada yur site oftin

  2. scraper says:

    i love asianjackiechan

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