Jack Of All Trades

I can add another skill to my resume after today. Snake wrangler.

I was in the cart barn when the guy who delivers our propane entered and asked if I had anything to chase away a snake. I grabbed a shovel and followed him to the opening of our underground propane tank. It’s about four feet square, recessed into the the ground and secured with a metal cover which was already removed.

I found a blacksnake about four foot in length sunning itself on the concrete boarder. I tried to nudge it away but it slithered around the edge and eventually back in the hole. Quickly realizing this was not the tool for the job, I retreated and summoned our hand operated trash picker. It’s a simple device with a claw on one end operated by a squeeze trigger on the other.

This proved more adapt at corralling the less than lethal viper but it refused to give up without a fight. After striking at the device numerous times, I finally managed to snag it around the middle and with one fluid swoop, sent it airborne. It landed in a bush about fifteen feet away. Hopefully, never to be seen again.

Wonder what’s next on the horizon. I trust the local gator doesn’t get into a snit. My talents only stretch so far.

And now, the rest of the story. Back in 1988, an heroic act by LPGA pro Mary Bea Porter during a Monday qualifier put her in the national spotlight.

The following is from an article by Scott Ostler April 18, 1989. Click here for the article link.

Porter is playing the 13th hole of the Moon Valley Country Club in Phoenix, trying to qualify for the weekend tour event. She butchers her approach shot, knocking it into a gully near a fence. Approaching the fence, Mary Bea sees a man in Amish garb, standing next to a swimming pool, holding a 3-year-old boy by the ankles and shaking him.

…The boy, Jonathan Smucker, has just been found floating in the pool, unconscious. His mother and father, Amish farmers from Pennsylvania, have no idea what to do. They don’t even know how to dial a phone. With the help of her caddie, Mary Bea scrambles over the high fence. Smucker silently hands his son to Mary Bea and walks away. The boy is gray, not breathing, limp.

Using mouth-to-mouth, and pounding the boy on the chest, Porter finally brings Jonathan back to life, then battles to keep him alive, although she has no first aid or CPR training. Forty-five minutes later, the boy is on his way to the hospital, and Mary Bea is rushing back to the course to catch up with her threesome, which has gone ahead without her. She bogeys the 13th…

By happenstance, I ran into the guy who caddied for Mary Bea on that eventful day in the caddie tent on Sunday. He retold the story and the best part was that young Jonathan fully recovered and went on to attend MIT. He is now an engineer and quite brilliant according to this Champions looper.

Then there was this:

Would you believe Rocket Golf?

Golf season can’t begin soon enough


One Response to Jack Of All Trades

  1. pcb_duffer says:

    Every once in a while, an outsider will ask if we have many snakes on our course here in Lower Alabama. We always tell them that the gators eat most of them.

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