Cost Of Doing Business

Just saw the list of qualifying sites for the Women’s Open and compared them to the LPGA schedule. Totally incompatible. They used to have one close to an LPGA event (usually the Monday after) for convenience. Most players would use that venue. Not any more.

Also, Sebonack Golf Club, the site of The Open, is a good ways out on Long island. Forget about finding a reasonable priced place to stay for the caddies. Renting a house isn’t an option either. They’re asking astronomical sums. Then there’s the traffic during the Summer season. Nightmare! The only saving grace is the 3 million dollar purse of which most will never get a taste.

There is another option though. I hear if you’re willing to pitch a tent, you can get a spot in a campground for cheap.

Click here for the USGA info. Scroll down for the qualifying site locations.

Then there was this:

Bubba Watson Replaces His Golf Cart With An Awesome Hovercraft – Forget the golf, this would be awesome to drive. Might be a little pricy though to replace the standard cart with a fleet of these even at the most prestigious of clubs.

Annika Award set for top DI player

Fourteen-year-old Angel Yin Qualifies for Kraft Nabisco Championship


16 Responses to Cost Of Doing Business

  1. RedZone says:

    Angel Yin,
    Her club head speed is 106. She is part of the next wave of great young golfers. Her mother looks like Danielle Kang’s mom.

  2. lawyergolfer says:

    lets see, there is one in NJ on Thursday of AC event, whats wrong with playing 36 holes the day before an event? tough it out!!! lol

  3. Tommy G says:

    I am sure the usga has a fact sheet with special rates for the open

  4. lawyergolfer says:

    motel 6 in Long Island 159$ per night Tom! everybody is on their own Tom, not like the old days..

  5. Ozz says:

    Just changing the subject, I haven’t seen any LPGA on TV, but just watched some highlights of the 1st Round of Nabisco, which showed Wie putting. If she gets any lower she will be kissing the green. This is taking the eyes over the ball to the ridiculous..

  6. lifeontour says:

    Just took a closer look at the qualifying sites. Looks like Edgewood C.C. in River Vale NJ is the main tour site (cpacity 156). It’s the Thursday of ShopRIte. Given SopRite is a 3 day event, Thursday must be for a practice round and not a pro-am day. Still, it’s 140 miles from Atlantic City.

  7. ah rarry, I see mishele wee may make here frirst cut of year…now Kia can show hur Soul commercial again..haha…she puta like she hasa roll of Tp stuck to her butt!

  8. dave andrews says:

    I’ll be caddying for Hannah Yun in the Baltimore qualifier the Tuesday (7th) after the Kingsmill event. I think a lot of LPGA players will be in that one or Atlanta. Those seem to be the best two in terms of logistics and timing. There should be a better one though.

  9. Scott says:

    You can look up on where players have chosen as a qualifying site. A lot of LPTA Tour players are registered for the May 7 qualifier in Baltimore. It’s the Tuesday after Kingsmill (150 miles away) and during an off-week. What’s the problem?

    Futures Tour players are mostly signed up for the May 13 qualifier in Atlanta on the Tuesday after they play in North Carolina.

    Interesting to see that Lizette Salas has not yet registered for the Open. She has until May 1.

  10. Scott says:

    though —> those
    damn auto correct got me again

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