That’s the word of the day. In fact, it’s every day here.

Then there was this:

Golf legend Annika Sorenstam critical of Michelle Wie in new interview, says

Annika Sorenstam still plays key role for LPGA

Wie: Sorenstam apologized for magazine comments

Wie, Now a Veteran at 23, Learns to Shrug Off Her Critics

Dinah Shore Weekend 2013: Plenty of events to choose from during annual lesbian celebration


7 Responses to “Dysfunctional”

  1. J Wake says:

    On Sky in the UK we have/had Mickey Walker, Laura Davies and Simon Holmes commenting on the Dinah from the studio. Last night Holmes (formerly Pettersen’s coach) said much the same as Annika, that Wie just doesn’t have it all, that she doesn’t have feel. Very good technically, but lacks the feel.

    sdI’ve never been a fanatical fan, but have been disappointed her choices haven’t backed up her early talent.

  2. Ozz says:

    Wie should have taken her own advice that she parted on to Ko, about playing for yourself and no-one else not even parents, and that golf is still only a game.

    As we all know, as youngster you play fearless golf but that all changes when we become older especially when it becomes your job.

    I don’t believe Annika has anything to apologize for in her comments. Just hope Wie reads the articles and takes something from it.

  3. Frank Michaels says:

    Wie is one under and those at the Golf Chanel are in a tizzy…she is over rated, over hyped, and over paid…

    talk about a groved swing…see the footage of Inn Bee not even looking at the ball when she hits it…

  4. Scott says:

    Why does the Golf Channel insist of promoting the players they wish were winning instead of the players who are actually winning?

    • Mark says:


    • Frank Michaels says:

      you aren’t kidding…if I would have heard that story of Lizette Salas and her struggling Mexican parents one more time, I think I would have puked…my parents were spagahetti-benders from Sicily and nobody gave a shit how me and my brother turned out…

  5. Cougar says:

    The players played much faster than expected, so the golf channel had to fill in the allotted times with repetitions.

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