This past weekend was nothing short of organized chaos and that’s being kind. More golfers than carts due to an overbooking snafu. Sometimes the right hand does not have a clue what the left is up to.

CNCB market commentator Stephen Weis was in my group one day. Totally forgot to ask for any stock tips. D’oh!

The course is in fantastic condition. The greens are icy slick and true.

Bo Jackson was also in the house at same time. He came within a hair of joining our threesome but was paired with two Alabama boys instead. What a tremendous athlete he was.

Just ordered a Samsung 250 GB SSD for my Lenovo laptop from Amazon. Also purchased a hard drive enclosure for the drive that’s being replaced. It’ll make a good backup. Will get it in two days thanks to the 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime.

Slept through the NCAA final. Never saw a second. It was a good tradeoff.

Ate lunch in the employee dinning room at the Beau Rivage today. Good eats.

Mystery solved: The question on whether I.K. Kim’s looper was wearing a GPS device during the playoff at the Kia event has been answered. It was a watch given to him by one of his former players. Said he never took it off as reported and is taken aback with an accusation of bending the rules.

Then there was this:

Mickelson, Condi Rice Engage in Golf Diplomacy

Giving it his best shot: High school senior snags prom date with LPGA pro

Four Winds Casino group needs volunteers for its 2013 LPGA golf tournament

Golf Club row: Two suspended for year

Nicklaus tutorial gives Colsaerts a big Masters boost

Masters champs split on LPGA event at Augusta National

A 14-year-old from China to make history at Masters, and brings 8th-grade

LPGA legend Lopez, Haney to make Hootie MAM debuts


3 Responses to Slammed!

  1. Niel says:

    I’m the person who brought up the question of the thing on I.K. Kim’s looper’s wrist. Yes, I was suspicious, especially because it WAS missing from his wrist during a shot while on the green. Also, as my comment said, the thing is so big that I can’t imagine a caddy wanting to lug it around. Maybe he took it off for a few seconds to rub his wrist from the weight. I’m glad it’s not a GPS, as most of the LPGA cheating accusations seem to be aimed at Asians, and would hate to see any group unfairly targeted.

  2. lifeontour says:

    I received the concerns from I.K.’s caddie through a third party. Don’t know why he just didn’t post a comment explaining the situation. Would have been better than having it fester for a few weeks.

  3. Frank Michaels says:

    Lucky kid…that Mozo is sexy…

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