So Close

Mark guessed the mystery LPGA pro scheduled to play Fallen Oak today was Cathy Reynolds. He and I were only half correct. The name was spot on but the identity wasn’t. She was not the Cathy Reynolds tour pro but Cathy Reynolds teaching pro. Bummer!

I was watching the coverage of the Boston Marathon explosions. Can’t believe people are checking their run times midst the chaos.


One Response to So Close

  1. Ozz says:

    The last 2 days has seen 2 Major sporting events that had 2 completely different endings.

    On Sunday (US Time) Adam Scott won The Masters and the magical Green Jacket that has eluded
    Australian golfers since the Masters inception. For the first time for many years, the news that headed
    the Australian news reports TV or Radio, was Scott’s amazing win, with all the doom and gloom stories
    placed in the background. The win, not only for Scott but for Australia, brought the Country to its feet
    with plenty of cheers and beers.

    Now the following day Monday, the Boston Marathon was held, but with the ending that no-one had
    expected. 2 bomb blasts near the finishing line that killed 3 and injured over 100 innocent victims.
    Australia woke up to this devastating news that was on our TV’s and Radios. However, because of the
    time zones, our newspapers was running Adam Scott’s Masters victory.

    Australia did have one day of glory, but it was brought back to reality within hours of each sporting event.
    Australia is saddened like the rest of the world, with this devastating act that was committed. All our thoughts
    go out to the Victims and Families of those who lost loved ones.


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