Got The Call

Well, it was really a text but it’s all the same.

I was offered a loop for The North Texas Shootout and Kingsmill Championship but the decision wasn’t even close. What would I do afterwards?

Fallen Oak will be closed for maintenance the week of The LPGA Championship. Wouldn’t mind working that one. May snag another birthday cake.

I installed my SSD over the last two days. All the Microsoft updates, programs and data migration seems to take forever. This time I made a disc image on a backup drive when I finished. Used Macrium Reflect. Piece of cake it was. It’ll save many hours of reinstall time if I ever have to go through this again.

Ninite is also a huge timesaver. It installs many commonly used programs at the same time. Just pick the ones you use and download the installer.

I can definitely see the difference. Startup is a dream and programs open in a blink of an eye. Sweeeet!

Then there was this:

Michelle Wie looking for inspiration in Hawaii LPGA stop – USA Today

Spots reserved for juniors in North Texas LPGA Shootout


8 Responses to Got The Call

  1. Cougar says:

    Sound like a no-brainer for another birthday party!

  2. Tommy G says:

    can you give us the initials of the player who made the call??

  3. Tommy G says:

    No Problam Man…..Great weather we are having….Must be getting a lot of loops!!!

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