Another Canvas, Please

During the MGRC, I described my prowess with the range ball picker akin to a Picasso concocting a masterpiece but even Picasso painted a few duds I suspect. Well, today was one of those duds on the range.

Everything was going as usual until one of the front baskets jumped out of its mooring and went directly under the center of the picker. It lodged against the throttle which sent the engine racing and stuck in place. I quickly shut it down and surveyed the situation. The basket now resembled a taco and I had misgivings to restart in that position. Help arrived soon afterward and the basket was extricated without any more damage.

Think I’m starting to loose my touch. Last week I…. Never mind

The Commissioner had his annual meeting with the LPGA caddies this week. Interesting. Don’t bother asking though. Big Brother is watching.


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