Caddied the the first two days of the week. Only 12 holes yesterday when rain cut the round short but the day before brought excitement to what should have been another mundane loop.

After a pit stop at the loo by the sixth tee, an errant foot placement on the propulsion pedal  – from the passenger (driver was absent) – sent the cart over the curb, knocking down and going over the wooden trash can and wedging against a tree at a 45° angle! Luckily the gentleman wasn’t hurt but how to disencumber the vehicle was now the question? Turned out to be quite easy. One of the other players just put it in reverse and used a club to operate the pedal. It backed right down with no visible damage. Can’t say that about the trash can though.

Looks like the next few days may be a rainy mess down here. Bad for business.

Then there was this:

North Texas LPGA Shootout brought about $10 million to North Texas

US Open attracts highest ever entry total

Annika Sorenstam becomes PGA of America member –

Olympics: Rio set to build golf course despite land dispute

Edinburgh to host golf festival in Open warm-up

FBCA’s only female golfer living up to famous LPGA player’s name

Technology abounds at Ochoa’s academy

Golf doping tests are a live issue, says R&A chief

World bodies back Augusta ruling not to disqualify Woods

PGA president critical of R&A

The R&A must man up and embrace women as Open heads to Muirfield


4 Responses to Runaway!

  1. ahh rarry, over hear in asia wea have carta driving school..razy americans need to practice more carta driving to becoum thhe brest,,like Asians!!

  2. Frank Michaels says:

    Yani Tseng is toast…Wie is over rated…In bee has got some junk in that trunk…Miyazato is plain Jane sexy…

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