On The Couch

Wash out! Got the call early amid rumblings from above. No need for me to come in for work was the word. It’s Amazon movie time. But first, a few tunes from Spotify.

Taking a break from Dr. Dre and his cohorts. Shuffling through melodies from the 60’s instead. Great stuff.

Wednesday is college day in Mobile. Players and caddies are encouraged to wear any sort of college gear – shirts, hats, colors – during the pro-am/practice. Should spark a few zingers from rival gangs teams. Sounds like fun.

Looks like a couple of my buds are looking for loops in Mobile. They’ll be forming a conga line in the parking lot early. Snagging one through the qualifier is a possibility but a long shot. So goes life on the tour.

Then there was this:

Manulife Financial LPGA Classic Announces BlackBerry as Presenting Partner

Chris Hummer: Mariah Stackhouse looking to lead Stanford women’s golf to

US Women’s Amateur will be played at Portland Golf Club in 2015


3 Responses to On The Couch

  1. wonda how mani Asians will wear U of Korea on heds..

  2. Tommy G says:

    The question is how many will wear U N K on headband????

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