The Bear Facts

It’s not every day you run into a large black bear coming down the road but this was one of those days.

I was on my way to work and had just a couple miles remaining before arriving at Fallen Oak. My wild kingdom encounter occurred on R R Bridge Creek Rd which boarders the southern boundary of the course.

Right down the middle of the road he walked, without a care in the world and probably on the prowl for a snack. About thirty yards away I stopped the car. I figured the beast would be startled but he just kept going as if this was a normal part of his existence.

When passing my door, he gave me a glance then moseyed on. He was a big sucker! Even on all fours, we were eye-to-eye.

By the time I realized my camera phone was at my side he was behind me. I gave it the old college try anyway to get a shot. I put the car in reverse trying to get closer. Now that got his attention. He bolted.

After telling this story to the head pro in the shop, he said many people told him the area was full of bears but he, even after living here all his life, had never seen one. Guess I’m one of the privileged few.

I did some research. As of March of last year, there were only around 120 bears in the state. So it was a rare sighting after all.

Then there was this:

Alabama to host two LPGA Tour events in 2014 with return to Prattville –

LPGA coming back to Prattville in 2014 with 3 mystery sponsors

Rising LPGA star Lizette Salas living American dream

Dottie Pepper Joins ESPN’s Golf Coverage Team

Kelowna’s Samantha Richdale scorches Beach Grove, shoots course-record

Team Michelle Wie wins USS Alabama putting challenge over Team Christina

Carly Booth keen for another Archerfield win


One Response to The Bear Facts

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Good to see Pepper back on TV…
    The putting contest had to be rigged…
    Does a bear crap in the woods…??

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