Hey, I Know You

As walked up to help unload a limo on Thursday, calls of “Larry!” Hey, it’s Larry!” rang out. A group I worked for last year had returned and recalled the day we spent together. Immediately they asked if I would work again so I jumped at the chance.

Just as the previous experience, it was a blast but with one proviso. I wasn’t a Beau employee back then so when asked to partake in a cold one or two, or three, I complied. Not so this time around. I had to decline. If anything would happen to me, an immediate urine test for drugs or alcohol would be mandatory. Just wasn’t worth the risk. Had a great time never the less even without the buzz.

Quite a birdie-fest in Mobile this week.

Then there was this:

Carson-Newman names Suzanne Strudwick women’s golf coach

Kelowna golfer Richdale wins CN Canadian Tour event

LPGA holds out $1 million for a hole-in-one at Seaview

Decision on anchored putting expected next week

Ken Venturi, US Open Golf Champion and Broadcaster, Dies at 82

Peter Kostis: How Golf Lost Its Way – GOLF.com

Golf’s a lonely game when it goes wrong… as Rory is finding out, admits Westwood

Someone didn’t obey the ‘cart path only’ signs


3 Responses to Hey, I Know You

  1. Ozz says:

    Does anyone else think the picture of Jennifer Johnson holding the Mobile trophy, looks like former LPGA player Nancy Bowen.

    Don’t worry, I haven’t had too much to drink or smoke!!

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