Change Is A Commin’

Heard LPGA Rules Official Jim Haley (AKA Comet) will be hanging it up (retiring) after this week and Janet Lindsay after this season. Anyone thinking of of filling their shoes?

Jill McGill is playing this week. One of my blasts from the past.


3 Responses to Change Is A Commin’

  1. bocajr says:

    ah rarry, maybre all old officials should hang up there spikes and get fresh brood out hair. They had 5 par 3’s of the 12 holes..almost a par tree contrest

  2. Mark says:

    Jill was the Cathy Reynolds of the 90s. beautiful and talented

  3. Frank Michaels says:

    Golf is a cruel game. Yani Tseng is toast, I’m afraid.

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