Course Closed

Fallen Oak is shut down until June 12th for aeration and general maintenance. I have a couple one day trips planned to fill the void.

I’m offended. Almost. Yesterday I found out both of our food and beverage girls discounted my tale of coming face to face with a bear on my way to work. That is until they saw this story on WLOX confirming the beast was in the area. I get no respect!

Is Birdie back? Birdie Kim shot 65 in the ShopRite Monday qualifier. Dina Ammaccapane made it also with a 72.

Ex-Open champ Birdie Kim easily wins ShopRite LPGA qualifier 

Looks like the rain followed the tour to AC. Plenty of green and yellow on the radar map earlier in the day.


3 Responses to Course Closed

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Birdie Kim is the Andy North of the LPGA. She needs another title to make it official.

  2. Cougar says:

    Takes more than one day for a trip to Rochester.

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