Inside Track?

According to a Facebook post from one of the caddies, the LPGA Championship will move to Monroe Country Club next year. Also, Wegmans will still be the main sponsor plus there will be some other corporations that will be onboard.

Then there was this:

Janzen disqualified for wearing metal spikes in US Open qualifier

Golf’s longest day: Final 2013 U.S. Open sectional qualifying results

Agent says Tiger near new Nike deal: report

Donald Trump to lay out new golf course plan


3 Responses to Inside Track?

  1. bocajr says:

    and I have some swamp land in florida to sel you

  2. lifeontour says:

    You’re such an optimist bocajr.

  3. bocajr says:

    Monroe cc can barely hold the Monroe invitational let alone a LPGA event…is Wegmanns that broke that they have to shift it to a sub standard course to save money? Locust Hill would have to be holding Wegmanns hostage to move it there…

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