True After All?

Rumors of The LPGA Championship move from Locust Hill may be close to reality according to these articles.

LPGA Commissioner On Future Of Tournament in Rochester

Locust Hill official: ‘Fairly confident’ LPGA event moving next year

Loyal Locust Hill Volunteers Upset About Possible LPGA Move

LPGA Championship at Locust Hill in Limbo – This one suggests a date change also.

Then there was this:

Columnist Argues LPGA Tour Popularity Declining Because ‘Too Many Gosh Darn Foreigners … Specifically Koreans’

3M adds Annika Sorenstam, Nancy Lopez, Pat Bradley to ‘Greats of Golf’

Skinner’s LIFE event a success again despite rain

Kenny Loggins to appear in LPGA concert in Bentonville

Pucko’s Perspective: The way we were at Locust Hill

US Open officials confident soaked Merion will be ready


3 Responses to True After All?

  1. bocajr says:

    for 37 yrs Locust Hill and the Rotarians( before wegmanns)…took the lpga money and redid the clubhouse. How can you hold a major on a course with a putting green fit for 10 people and an unchipable chipping green? and now they are wondering why they will lose the event? ok, they built a tunnel under Jefferson…oops forgot that one, only us old timers know that’m all for moving it wether to another course in area or in another state. The course is outdated and they have to trick it up to make it a major.

  2. lifeontour says:

    They held a major at Locust Hill because Wegmans saved the LPGA Championship after Bivens nuked the relationship with McDonald’s. It was a natural progression. It now may not be up to snuff for a major but the area still produces great galleries and supports the event like no other. You have to give Locust Hill and all the Rochesterians their due.

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