The First Tee Is Open

Fallen Oak officially opened yesterday but today was my first day back. Needless to say, Summer has arrived in the deep south. It’s frigging hot!

Really enjoyed my two week vegetative state. Made it through 67 episodes of Arrested Development. One to go.

Then there was this:

Dottie Pepper resumes broadcasting career, debuts with ESPN at US Open

Former WHAM radio personality fired for controversial blog post – The best way to keep your job is to kiss ass and don’t upset the politically correct apple cart. The truth will get you canned every time.

Creamer will hold junior clinic at Sebonack

USGA must enforce pace of play at 2013 US Open, says Annika Sorenstam

Home Sports Manulife tournament hit ‘grand slam’, says LPGA…


3 Responses to The First Tee Is Open

  1. bocajr says:

    if Sergio makes a 6 on number 15 today he will have scored 4,6,8,10 on that hole…

  2. Ozzy says:

    JR, your still the #1 numbers man 🙂

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