I Spy

After all the news of government abuse, from the NSA to the IRS and more, I figured why not go all in.

After Flo convinced me to get on the Progressive Auto Insurance bandwagon, I decided to jump into the deep end by using their Snapshot discount program. Basically, it’s a form of behavior modification using a promise of reduced premiums based on driving habits. Here’s how it works.

You use it for six months but it makes an initial evaluation after thirty days. So far, they refunded $30 of my six month premium.

Are you excited about the Women’s Open this week? Looks like a fantastic setting. 

I was leaving Sam’s Club today and spotted a guy mounting his three-wheeled motorcycle. Nothing unusual about that except he was in a wheelchair. A vehicle of his own design, the trike had a ramp for the chair which folded vertically before driving. The other side had a row of bars to hold the rider in place. Where there’s a will …. 

Was thinking of getting a 7” tablet. Great sales on the Nook HD right now. Must be a clearance before the new stuff comes out. Other option is the Nexus 7.

Nook HD and HD+ Android Tablets Discontinued – No wonder they’re on sale.

Watched Pulp Fiction on Netflix. Classic!

Then there was this:

Casey Martin’s golf cart sparks controversy again

Lopez coming to Indiana for LPGA Legends Tour

German Website Golf Post Acquires LPGA Tour Online Media Rights For ’13


4 Responses to I Spy

  1. bocajr says:

    Larry, I switched to progressive a year ago and my 6 month premium dropped from 550 to 330 in florida. The snapshot is only use for maybe 2 months and then u mail it back. Plus you get a discount if you pay a full 6 month premium at once. They didn’t jack up my rates after my first 6 months either like state farm and all the other thieves.

  2. lifeontour says:

    The program is 6 months according to their latest email. I also pay 6 months at a time. Your rate probably dropped so much due to being on the road without your car much of the year. Still, it’s a good deal.

  3. bocajr says:

    they used my device for 2 months..don’t be a heavy braker and don’t speed and your discounts will increase

  4. Hendrik Sharples says:

    Just bought a 10″ Samsung Galaxy note, very impressed so far.

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