The Open: Day Three

Looks like a runaway.

The course got tougher all of a sudden.

Beth Ann Baldry tweeted – “Michelle Wie WD’s with one hole to play due to illness.” – Another fine showing by Wie.

Jessica Korda fires caddie midway through her round – I’ve been fired after a round and even after a win but never during a round. But I probably should have been.

It was a hot one at Fallen oak today. Result, a two beer evening.


9 Responses to The Open: Day Three

  1. Scott says:

    Wie has no class. She was going to miss the cut. Does anyone with a brain think she withdrew for any other reason than she didn’t want to Show up Saturday morning to play one hole?

  2. Frank Michaels says:

    Wie is over rated, over hyped and over paid…

  3. Rich says:

    I had seen that Korda was having a solid season and only knew that her father was ex-pro tennis player. You never know if that is a plus or minus (i.e., is the child a spoiled brat). I’m guessing firing a caddie mid-round probably answered my question.

    Too bad the leader board is so lop-sided. Players in 6th place going into the final round are 10 shots or more out of the lead. No offense to Park but that turns even more people off and they won’t be watching.

    As much as I don’t want to admit it, watching these boring Koreans pile up the wins is tiresome. I don’t need the Americans to be on the leader board but some golfers with personalities or at least easy on the eyes. As much as I like Stacy Lewis you got to admit she doesn’t do much to spark interest in the LPGA either.

    • Frank Michaels says:

      I do agree that as men, we sort of need a certain amount of sex appeal when females are involved. I find Park attractive. She’s “sexy round” in my eye. Plenty of trunk and cute. But I’m partial to Asian women. As for skill, she kicks ass. I enjoy watching her pick apart this course that others find difficult. This woman may be on the verge of golfing history, and the media really could care less. If it were Tiger or Wie, a national holiday would be declared. But I digress.
      Hence I say, “More Pancake”…

    • Tom says:

      The only thing about Inbee that is not boring is her wins but she wins in a boring manner. It’s too bad, the women’s game could use someone who is not boring but that someone hurt their shoulder during horse play with her sister and who knows when she will tee it up again.

  4. Golfer says:

    I like to watch Inbee, she is a really good player, and excellent putter. Watch her and learn something, instead of worrying about her looks. There are plenty of fat boring guys of the PGA too, but if they play good golf, it’s enjoyable to watch.

  5. Ah golfersan, u must like more junk inda trunk!! she sponsored by Inn and out burger..xtra cheese

    • fred says:

      Jackie you are probably some baldheaded fiftysomething who thinks he can caddie
      but really wishes he had one of these junk
      in the trunk bags to work for.Leave the poor chunky asian girls alone to take all the american money back to the Far East. Give me more in and out burgers asians to watch all day long

  6. ah fred, when golf channel contract runs out u will actually have to pay to go watch junk in trunk pray gulf…then what

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