Happy Independence Day!

The way things are going, enjoy it while you can.

Then there was this:

LET announces biggest Tour School in its history

Saints’ Payton to serve as caddie – Bet he doesn’t get fired at the turn.

Natalie Gulbis is getting married; millions of men cry


10 Responses to Happy Independence Day!

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    If Gulbis had Inbee Park’s record, Gulbis would be Miss Billionaire…

    • lifeontour says:

      So true Frank and there wouldn’t be a shortage of tournament sponsors.

    • Edward says:

      Frank, your observation about Natalie could be extended to include the other under-30 American players, none of whom have Inbee’s record either (9 career victories including 4 majors.)

      It wasn’t that long ago that the LPGA appeared to be on the cusp of a golden era with so many young, talented and photogenic American players (Natalie, Morgan, Michelle, Paula, Brittany Lincicome and others.) I suppose we thought that this group would be staring one another down in the majors for the next ten or fifteen years. With the possible exception of Brittany’s exciting win over Kristy McPherson at Kraft Nabisco in 2009, it hasn’t happened.

      In another post, Larry stated that he thinks Inbee is “boring”. Yes, there is an element of truth to this. But I think the boredom stems from other factors as well including a lack of American players challenging for the lead on a regular basis, and a lack of rivalries. Nicklaus battled Palmer, Watson and Trevino, Woods has Mickleson – – what is comparable on the women’s tour?

      The Asian players all seem to be good friends judging from their Instagram and Twitter pics at least, and their dominance over the past few years has almost a politeness to it: Ai Miyazoto handing off to Jiyai Shin, who handed off to Yani Tseng who handed off to Inbee Park with nary a ruffled feather. In the spirit of the fun, junior members of the sorority (Na Yeon Choi, So Yeon Rhu) are allowed occasional admission to the winner’s circle. It’s not a recipe for great drama unfortunately

      • LoJo says:

        Don’t be so sensible, Edward. This site is mostly anti-Asian, so your well thought out comments will fall on deaf and xenophobic ears.

        But…there is clearly concern that the LPGA has become the KLPGA, and most of the American fans don’t like that for whatever reasons, including the lack of emotional connection to the players.

        Annika was regarded as an “Ice Maiden” when she played too. She rarely showed much emotion and just went about her business without pom poms, red white and blue ribbons, and face tattoos.

        I have my “issues” with some of the Asian players, but they ARE what the LPGA is now. The others need to step it up or shut up. It’s not that hard…it’s all about the work ethic. The Asians are not inherently more talented.

  2. Awsi Dooger says:

    The South Koreans not only have great swings and timing but they have a natural advantage, with such a high percentage of their players in the ideal 5 foot 6 range. The Americans invariably are too tall, with too many players 5-8 or taller. Then it gets ridiculous to Michelle at 6-1. She’s got so many moving parts and distance from her work to deal with. It was silly to expect her to fulfill all the expectations. The first time I ever heard of her, long before I’d seen one swing, a poster from Hawaii touted Michelle on the sports forum of a political board more than a decade ago. I think it was 2001. She included the height. I immediately replied that Michelle was already too tall for a female golfer and needed to stop growing immediately. If Michelle had settled at 5-6 or nearby, all the posters who thrill to ridicule her or her family would be silent and stunned.

    I realize it’s an argument I can’t win. I guarantee a scramble will emerge, for irrelevant counter examples from yesteryear. Fans and even golf analysts love to ignore evidence and subjectively assert that a taller player holds advantages. Arch and distance, etc. Meanwhile, every recent dominant female player has been 5-6 and there’s no sign of the trend discontinuing. My friends and I discovered the advantage in the late ’90s, when we were doing research for betting purposes.

    Annika is 5-6. So is Karrie. Se Ri is 5-6. Likewise with Lorena. When Lorena retired and another player surged to prominence, it was Yani. She is 5-6. Now Yani gives way to Inbee. No surprise, she is 5-6.

    Until last year, there hadn’t been an LPGA Player of the Year with a listed height other than 5-6 since 1997. Stacy ruined the trend. She’s 5-5. It’s not exactly going out on a limp to assert that when Americans start producing top players in the 5-5 to 5-7 range instead of much taller or much shorter, the USA will return to prominence. IMO, that 5-6 height range enables the ideal blend of wiry strength and coordination, not too far or too close from your work.

    Regardless, I’ll continue to bet the matchups that way. Hasn’t let me down so far. It may not be the only variable but in this racket I’m looking for any sensible edge that can be applied to a high sample.

    • Willard says:

      Reminds me of that theory that Koreans do so well on the course because brown eyes reflect light differently – so they can see the ball better all the way through to impact.

      I believe there very well might be a high degree of correlation between the theory you raised and the one I mentioned – because they both are very high on brown content.

    • Frank Michaels says:

      ummm…how tall is SKILL…??

    • lifeontour says:

      The two biggest moving parts holding Wie back are her parents.

  3. ah rarrry, new Korean prayer coming over next year but she a 5’8..way too tall so shea have kno shot huh

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