More Rest For The Wicked

July 10, 2013

Fallen Oak is closed this week for aeration. The thought of putting in a few hours just to pad the paycheck never crossed my mind. I’ll be back to work on Monday.

The afternoon wave of the Manulife pro-am was canceled due to weather.

Signed-up for Amazon Prime. Already saved $20 on a purchase with 2 day shipping thrown in. The membership fee should easily pay for itself.

I’ve discovered Shock Top beer at the local Wally-Mart. The Lemon Shandy is especially tasty.

Then there was this:

Cristie Kerr Withdrew Manulife Financial LPGA Classic Elbow Tendonitis

Stupples mastering new swing after weight loss

Don’t film your friends after they shank their drives. – Explicit Language

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