What’s Going On At The Manulife?

Fifteen under in the lead; a three under cut; a rookie ten under after two rounds; human sacrifice; dogs and cats living together! Those last two are from Ghostbusters but the others beg for an explanation.

How easy did they set up that track anyway? The four round record must be in reach.


8 Responses to What’s Going On At The Manulife?

  1. Edward says:

    Don’t know anything about the course set-up but the whole area of southern Ontario west of Toronto had heavy rain a few days back and the course was soft at the beginning of the tournament.

    Also, the fairways are wide and very forgiving plus the weather here is perfect for golf: sunny and warm with little or no wind. It is just dead calm.

  2. Frank Michaels says:

    The head games with Park are starting. The media is swooning over her. The pressure she must feel is incredible. It cracked Seng Then her game went to crap. Will it crack Park. Time will tell. Not one player interveiwed about Park said what Park is doing is good for the LPGA. Inkster said it best. If it were a PGA player, it would be all over the place.

    Bu88les (MW) made the cut…
    Yani didn’t….she is toast

  3. Tommy G says:

    I don’t care aboout Park………I was on the tour for a long time and the Lpga is being Ruined by the Korean’s Too bad The old days WERE BETTER Not just saying that , If you are any kind of Golf Historian (i you Love the game you should be ) You will clearly see that the old days.were sooo much more fun…There are guys Mark (byw happy b day Diane) Lonnie Larry Jay etc etc etc They know I have no agenda my Lpga boat has sailed I made. a good living caddying and reping on tour (thanks in part to Natalie Gulbis( reping) I cheerish those days but I don’t live in the past Hope Lonnie chimes in as he is much more articulate than me

    • Frank Michaels says:

      Well, can the same thing be said about the NFL and the NBA. Too many black guys and the ‘thug’ persona…?? Its professional sports. Ability trumps all else. She may be on a hot steak, then melt away like an ice cube. Time will tell. I don’t know the business end of the LPGA, but from a fan’s view, what she has done is spectacular. Gulbis won once, poses in bikini’s and is world renowned. Park is chunky, quiet, and foreign. But at this point in pro golf.,on either tour, she is the best player on earth.

  4. Tommy G says:

    Frank…Thats a good repley….I tip my hat to you……Looking back at my post what I said was purley personal.. You are correct ABILITY ..Thanks

    • Frank Michaels says:

      Thanks. I enjoy talking golf with you guys. Most of you are or were on the inside part of it. I was a street cop for 30 years. I KNOW Asians can be stubborn, hard-headed, and very closed. Working for one must be very difficult. But skill-wise, right now, they are kicking ass. You’ve go to admire it.

  5. Willard says:

    Damn…if a fat Park don’t gitcha … a slender one will.

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