Guess Who?

This is for all you LPGA old-timers out there. You may get the bookends but who’s that in the middle?

Guess who threesome


11 Responses to Guess Who?

  1. caddie machine says:

    Smich man : Is that Washam and in the middle Sandy Wheeler with state farm?

  2. Tommy G says:

    Way to go Machine …the other is Patty Hayes…(I think her bro caddied for her Me and the Machine are Old timers

  3. Kate Peters says:

    I’d recognize Sandy Wheeler anywhere!

  4. mark says:

    I thought I was old but you boys are much older ha ha

  5. lifeontour says:

    How about that backdrop. No jail at The Rail!

  6. Tommy G says:

    YES YES YES no tree’s we watched them grow up did’nt we

  7. Tommy G says:

    Machine how did the operation go?

  8. bocajr says:

    sandy wheeler retired from the money she never used to feed caddies!!

    • Bookem Danno says:

      Also from NEVER giving out even one extra weekly pass!
      She almost went broke from paying Becky Larson’s official money check one year.

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