My Pick$

We have a small office pool here regarding that little get-together being held at Muirfield this week. The game is to pick five players and total their winnings. Highest gross wins. I really don’t follow the PGA Tour much so I went with the obvious. My fabulous five are Woods, Mickelson, Kuchar, Rose and McDowell.

Then there was this:

Late golfer Ku Ok-hee to be posthumously honored

Bad buzz: Mosquitoes love to bite beer drinkers, study – Which begs the question: Do we taste great or are we less filling?


3 Responses to My Pick$

  1. Ozz says:

    Larry, No Aussies… their the current Majors flavour always up there.

  2. Rich says:

    This belongs on your other topic but I’m too lazy to post it there 🙂
    Don’t forget that with Amazon Prime you also get access to a large number of movies (mostly older) and TV shows for free. You just need a device (Roku, some DVD players, some game machines, etc.) that can access Amazon TV.

    It isn’t as efficient as Netflix but has a ton of stuff for free which is nice.

  3. lifeontour says:

    I’m into it Rich. I have a Roku.

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