Ricoh British Open – Wednesday



From Beth Ann Baldry – Only two Scots in the field this week @RICOHWomensBrit. At least one of them, @Beany25, has a good chance of winning it.

Weather tomorrow calling for loads of rain. Will likely start in the morning. Winds pick up in the afternoon. May gust to 25 mph

From Natalie Gulbis ‏- What a great course and place to host an Open…I played my first British Open there

Paradise lost: Hawaii sets aside $100,000 to offer its 17,000 homeless people one-way airfare back to their home states

Detroit home priced at $1 sits on the market for 519 days… – Let’s see, a home in Detroit or a McDonald’s hamburger? The burger wins every time.

Then there was this:

Cup concern for Price over injured Oosthuizen

Women’s Return to St. Andrews Special for All Involved

One Response to Ricoh British Open – Wednesday

  1. kindPapa says:

    I am an LPGA fan and I love your insightful blog and comment gang. There is none like either. Here is a good read from the NYT. My thoughts exactly.

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