Ricoh British Open – Round Two

That’s more like it. Looks like the late groups had to deal with the wind and the wind won.

ESPN2 for all four rounds? Are you kidding me? Inbee is looking to make history with four majors in a row, at The Old Course in St. Andrews no less, and ESPN2 is the best they could come up with? Bush-league!

Tweets: From Beth Ann Baldry: Saw Laura Davies walking up to town. Her 72-76 won’t help her chances for the Solheim, I’m afraid. Or the cut. An era might have ended.

Then there was this:

ESPN the Magazine Body Issue, Carly Booth: LPGA player Carly

3 Responses to Ricoh British Open – Round Two

  1. DaVinner says:

    Anybody know if the Solheim selection/announcement will be televised? Supposed to happen a couple of hours after completion of play at St. Andrews.

  2. Rich says:

    Yeah not much breaks in favor of the women. ESPN2. The wind. I had taped Saturday’s show and after doing some house stuff sat down to watch it. Only to see it was suspended and they reran Friday’s round (at least I got a few more views of Paula in her short shorts).

    I guess ESPN2 won’t add any extra air time to Sunday’s coverage? If it was the men there would be 8-12 hrs of live coverage and commentary.

    Does Michelle eat anything? I don’t know if she is just really in excellent shape or not but she seems excessively thin. My back hurts every time they show that putting stroke of hers.

    At least Phil won his British Open, that made my year.

  3. rich says:

    Apparently the love affair continues with Wie. She certainly doesn’t deserve to make the team with her poor performances.

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