Ricoh British Open – The Finale

Congrats to Stacy Lewis and Travis. Is she the only one that can give the Koreans a run?

Finally got to see some of the action this afternoon. Is the 18th hole the best setting in golf or what?

I wished to see a good Scottish blow but Saturday’s was a tad excessive. Unfortunate for the early starters.

” When the seagulls start to walk, then you know its windy !” Says Peter Aliss…

Believe it or not, Sketcher’s paid up. Remember the class action suit against Sketcher’s, way back when, regarding their Shape-Up shoes? I was one of the unfortunate who does. Well, I applied for the refund and recently got check. Not for the full purchase but  enough to buy a tank of gas.


5 Responses to Ricoh British Open – The Finale

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Good work from Lewis. The Solheim Cup is a complete and utter SHAM~~!! I guess missng cuts, not breaking par, WD-ing when things get bad, and overall suck play are the requirements to be picked. Meg Mallon is a disgrace to the captaincy of the team, and should apologize to all the players that worked to get earn a spot.

    Bu88les (WM) is over rated, over hyped and over paid…BUT, she has political connections.

  2. lawyergolfer says:

    Wie misses half her cuts the last 2 yrs and Johnson wins and has a solid summer so selecting the player who is playing better is a foregone conclusion. My guess is that Mallon with her young squad and johnsons lack of social skills led her to believe she couldn’t figure out who to pair her with and plus Wie sells tickets and shows emotion! Not a good reason to screw a player who did all the right things to make the team like play well and be consistant. Time will tell…they got lucky with O’Toole pick last time.

    • Awsi Dooger says:

      Jennifer had a solid summer? She missed the cut in all 3 majors following her victory. She missed another cut as well, after that win.

      This team has plenty of shaky putters. Jennifer is hardly stalwart in that category, ranking 57th on tour in Putts per GIR. Michelle is actually 27th. Gerina’s weakness is her putting. If the captain’s picks had been Gerina and Jennifer, that would be a combo of two rookies who also happen to be average to below average putters. Hardly ideal.

      If Jennifer were an excellent putter I suspect she would have been picked. Instead, the Americans have a severely imbalanced team that includes 6 players in the Top 25 of the putting stats — Stacy, Lizette, Angela, Morgan. Jessica and Cristie — along with 6 players who can’t be counted on when putting — Michelle, Paula, both Brittanys, Lexi and Gerina.

      Paula is not a weak putter but she’s dropped to 40th and it always looks much worse that that when televised.

      Very seldom are two poor putters grouped together. I think we’ll see a mix of either two players from Category A, or one apiece from A and B.

  3. Ozz says:

    I didn’t see MW’s parents in the Team photo, surely they also have to be part of the team…..don’t they….won’t they…

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