Almost Over

That’s what on the LPGA Tour has come to for many loopers. Canada  and Portland are the only remaining full field events in this part of the world. If you’re not lucky enough to have an elite player, your season is done.

The Symetra Tour is an alternative for awhile having three events in Florida and one in Virginia. Adding in the 2nd and 3rd stage qualifiers helps also but any hopes of making equivalent amount of currency is slim and none.

A new set of Firestone Affinity tires has made a noticeable improvement to my Sable. A more quiet and comfortable ride was the result. The sale price of four for the price of three makes it even sweeter.

Unfortunately, the were christened in blood the other day. While heading to work, an errant squirrel just didn’t know which way to go as I approached. That hesitation sealed its fate. The turtle on way way back had better luck, It pulled in its head and was easy to miss. Like they say, speed kills.

2 Responses to Almost Over

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    I looked at some of those Symetra Tour payouts…gezzz, how can anyone earn/make a living out there after expenses.

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