Solheim Snub

August 13, 2013

I noticed a thread on Facebook, posted by one of the European caddies, regarding a looper who was replaced on the Solheim Cup Team. I apologize in advance if I get this wrong but from what I read, it seems “the committee” (whoever they are) has determined that one of the caddies did not have the required experience and a substitute submitted.

The rub is that there are three other rookie Solheim caddies on the Euro team that weren’t replaced, according to another post.

The remarks became quite acerbic at times. One comment carried an extremely derogatory tone regarding the abilities of prospective substitutes which were all named but of whom I won’t repeat.

It proclaimed that; one guy is no good at cross winds, another is now too fat and still another is too much in love to be any use.

The rebuttal was just as caustic. Like after you had a few cold ones and revealed what you really thought of someone you disliked.

There was plenty more but I’m sure you get the gist of it.

Get all these folks in one room and it might spawn a memorable Jerry Springer episode. Good stuff!

The question is: Will any of this matter when it’s time to put the first peg in the ground on Friday? I doubt it.

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