Almost Perfect

August 15, 2013

****1/2 is my rating for my Nexus 7 so far. It didn’t receive the full five due to a GPS problem. As reported in the tech news, it either fails to lock on to a signal or when it does, drops it in short order. This renders the device useless as a navigation tool while traveling. According to the accounts, Google is working on the solution so it’s probably a software issue.

There is also trouble with multi-touch or so they say. Haven’t experienced that but it’s probably specific to certain applications.

Other than that, the screen is excellent, form factor perfect for me (not to big or small) very responsive (no lag), acquires and connects to Wi-Fi signals quickly and plenty of apps in the Google Play Store (63 installed so far). Evernote is my favorite app so far. I have it on my laptop also and notes sync perfectly. Mint is another one I love. Shows all my financial accounts (banking, credit cards etc. ) in one place.

I opted for the 32 GB version which was probably over-kill. The 15 GB should be more than enough for the average user. I haven’t lost any sleep after dolling out the extra $40 though. The Nexus 7 is a bargain even at the higher price.

Finding a case was difficult. New cases are just coming on the market now. I pre-ordered a rooCase from Amazon for cheap. Should ship today.

Bottom Line: No doubt I would buy the Nexus 7 again if a do-over was offered.

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