Good Question

August 16, 2013

Dave Andrews posted this query on Facebook. – How valid does the Solheim Cup remain in light of the growing dominance of Asian players in women’s golf?

My view is that it may become increasingly irrelevant. It may take awhile though. Look how far down the money list some of the American team is. If the Asian dominance continues to advance, the point system for the Solheim may have to be adjusted again to field a team in the future.

Should the LPGA go all in with the Asians? Is it time to put the Seoul in Solheim? Won’t happen. They’ll have their chance to showcase their talent at the  International Crown event next year.

Tweets: “We still don’t know what it takes because we haven’t done it before.” – Pettersen on Europeans winning for first time on U.S. soil

Record single day merchandise sales for a women’s golf event. – Beth Ann Baldry

Cool view, even if loads are American! My view as I walked in to the opening cermony!@ColoradoGC – Beth Ann Baldry

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