Solheim Day Two

The first shot I saw was the ace by Nordqvist. Not much after that. Some folks have to work. Here’s the video.

Dave asked – “Did you notice that Nordqvist has Gillie, who was fired by Korda at the Open, on her bag?”  They played together this morning.

Tweets: From Beth Ann Baldry

Dude up in a tree watching the action on No. 11. It’s a bad spectating course, but that’s extreme!

Lexi and Charley carrying their elder partners. A good kind of drama.

So Caroline Hedwall will be the only player who goes all five matches on both teams. I would’ve played @ANordqvist too.

No one has ever won 5 points in a Solheim Cup. Could Caroline Hedwall be the first?

Why did Meg split up Korda/Pressel and Wie/Kerr?

Luke Donald – The time these rulings are taking is a joke – if the players can’t agree between themselves then the referees need to make the call.

Jason Dufner Only thing missing is some USA ribbon or face paint,what u think about it for Pres Cup?Guys won’t bust on u too much

2 Responses to Solheim Day Two

  1. rich says:

    I only caught a few minutes of Morning Drive but I was glad to see them discuss the poor sportsmanship of the players. Anyone can get caught up in the excitement but things like Wie’s getting so excited after making a shortish putt to win the 16th to putt them 2 down with 2 to go is pretty sad. I guess the way she had played the last year+ any time she makes a putt it must be a celebration but geez rushing to the next hole before your competitors finish is sad.

    At least I’m enjoying watching Piller (can’t remember her golf shots but the long hair and the body is another story).

    Of course by the time they start coverage on the GC the Europeans may have won it.

    Seems apparent the Americans have a lot of flash/length but no putting skills. Lexi is a prime example. Tons of talent in the long ball but anything over a foot is an adventure.

    Paula seems to have lost her near invincibility on the Solheim team ever since she got smoked (6&5) by Matthews in 2011. Kind of reflects her results in tournaments, get close and then fade.

    I use to be a big time fan of the US teams but with Christie Kerr’s antics, Wie, and Korda firing a caddy mid round I am more ambivalent regarding who wins.

    • lifeontour says:

      So many fine observations Rich. There is a very stark difference between the two teams. Unfortunately, the Euros’ star shines more brightly.

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