Solheim Day One

I only happened to see a few minutes of the coverage via the TV in the pro shop. Some good pins on the final holes.

Looked like a vey interesting day according to this recap from Randell Mell of The Golf Channel. Plenty of drama.

Lewis furious over ruling – How can they screw up something so fundamental? The rules official really blew that one but why didn’t the players and caddies know it either? Why not demand they look it up in the rule book? Or did they?

Tweets:  From Beth Ann Baldry

“Bill Russell used to throw up before every game.” – Meg Mallon on Jessica Korda, who lost her breakfast on the first hole

Meg Mallon’s biggest beef with the ruling on 15 was how long it took. “If you know anything about sports, momentum is everything.”

Lewis said she was “very frustrated” by the ruling on 15 and felt a lot of things went wrong. She left course with more ?s than answers.

“She can’t be so mechanical in a Solheim Cup. She has to make birdies.” – B.J. Wie on why his daughter finds success in these events.

We’d like to bring you quotes from the European team, but the team bus managed to leave before anyone came into the press room.

I thoroughly enjoyed the American adaptation of House of Cards on Netflix so I decided see what the original British version had to offer. Jolly good stuff.

Even though articles regarding the Nexus 7 GPS problem stated Google was aware and working on it, I decide to give them a ring and report it anyway. Good thing. The geek on the other side of the line new nothing about it but walked me through a procedure he thought would provide a fix.

First, I had to access a special menu by pressing the power and volume buttons at the same time. Next was to navigate to ‘delete cache’ with the volume button and select it with the power button. I then rebooted. If that didn’t work a factory reset was suggested.

So far it looks like deleting the cache did the trick. It’s been working flawlessly. I used the app GPS Copilot going to work and back and it has worked flawlessly. We’ll see what happens in the long run.

2 Responses to Solheim Day One

  1. Rich says:

    How can they screw this up so badly? 30+ minutes to rule on where two balls need to be played on 1 hole? Take your best guess within a couple of minutes and move on. Golf (and sports in general) is so slow there is no excuse to waste this much time. Things aren’t perfect in life, unless there is a clear view in a replay, take a guess and move on. Sheesh.

    Of course the Americans are getting their butts kicked. And Michelle’s magic may be ending.

    These all red outfits are not very complimentary to players who aren’t fit. Angela looks like a big red blob. I like her but if you are a professional athlete you got to be in better shape. You don’t need to be perfect but geez there has to be an extra 50 lbs on her.

    At least Munoz is as likable and cute as always. As I mentioned before the American team lacks interesting and relaxed personalities. They just seem to have too many very up tight players like Lewis, Kerr, Angela or newbies that are nervous and quiet. Obviously C. Kim and Gulbis games are lacking but they seemed to have more fun and kept others more relaxed IMO.

    So when does the NFL start the real season?

    • Edward says:

      Good observations Rich. I’m wondering why Michelle Wie and Jessica Korda were paired up today – – didn’t they have a war of words a while back?

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