Solheim Summary

“The world has caught up and passed (us),” Pepper said. “Heart-breaking, absolutely heart-breaking,” Wie said. “It’s massive for women’s golf,” said Suzann Pettersen. “We took it to them and they couldn’t answer.”

Those are just a few of some very poignant quotes from the following article.

Youth is served, as Europe romps past U.S. at Solheim Cup

Now the question is; Where does that leave the Americans?


Julie Williams – Charley Hull, Euro Solheim Cup sensation, is exempt through the second stage of LPGA Q-School. She turns 18 in March, got a pass from LPGA

Beth Ann Baldry ‏- Dottie Pepper sums up the week for the Americans: “They slammed the door on Nos. 15-18. We just didn’t finish.”

Sophie Gustafson The US crowd on the first tee were chanting “Meena Lee”. I was thinking, she’s not playing.. Later realized it was “We Believe…

Liselotte Neumann ‏- Can let go of the trophy! Thank you to my amazing European Team! They made me so proud!@SolheimCupEuro

Then there was this:

Michigan’s Sweetgrass Golf Club extends deal with LPGA Symetra

Solheim Cup deemed a success; LPGA officials say they want to return

8 Responses to Solheim Summary

  1. Rich says:

    Wow that was a whipping. I was surprised at the amount of coverage GC had. I was thinking they weren’t going to provide as much as they did. I was wrong.

    Other than Lang the rest of the team sucked. Only a bunker shot kept Creamer from getting whipped 6&5 again in the singles.

    I’m not a Michelle hater but her behavior was way over the top.Still not sure how she made the team but I guess when you have Salas and Piller on it, it shows the team has some weaknesses.

    Lewis, Kerr, Creamer. The supposed stars all played poorly and Stansford went oh-fer.

    Things can change quickly but another performance like this would make the event meaningless, especially considering that the Koreans would have probably crushed either team.

    Oh well, at least the NFL starts in a few weeks.

  2. mark says:

    Rich that is what they said if the Europeans didn’t start winning… now you are saying that because the Americans aren’t winning the event is meaningless. Boy things have come full circle. If you would have been there I don’t think you would say that. It’s always better when the Americans lose because they hate to lose. This is the best thing that could have happened for Europe and U.S. women’s golf. I hope more for Europe to be honest.

    • lifeontour says:

      Mark, congratulations to you, Lotta and the entire Euro team for a spectacular thrashing of the Americans but I don’t think the Euros winning as the futuristic dilemma. The Americans fielding a team, with only mediocre attributes at best, may be though.

      The days of American players being the finest in the world is rapidly becoming a fleeting memory. As foreign players continue to dominate, the ability for the US to competitively contend in formats such as the Solheim Cup may be waning. I hope that will not come to pass but it seems to be the trend.

      Again, a hearty congratulations. Hope to confirm that with a stout handshake if I ever make it your way again.

      Take care, Larry

      • mark says:

        HI Roomie Thanks for the congrats. It was the best week in my life. Really proud of Lotta and Euro Girls. Honest Larry I think the tournament is in great shape no matter what. As you know this tournament at least has 12 Americans to cheer for. But the comments from loriab was right on the money. People there were really great. I will tell you some stories I heard from the police that was in the U.S. Team Room. Anyway it was a great week. Love match play.. Hope you are well. Could really use you out here this week a lot of girls looking for caddies for 1st stage. All the Best Larry
        See you soon I hope. Mark

  3. loriab says:

    Just returned from Denver. Some highlights and lowlights:
    *First time to Denver and it is beautiful. The folks out there were very welcoming wherever we went.
    *The course was NOT fan friendly. Difficult to get around, therefore favored the Europeans.
    *Waited in line for an hour for a hotdog.
    *Waited in line for lemonade 2 days in a row only to be told they were “OUT” (both days)!
    *Traffic on first day was horrendous but they seemed to sort that out.
    *Event was very well attended.
    *Watched Morgan Pressel roll in 2 birdie putts on Friday morning, made the only point, then Capt. Mallon sat the hot putter for the afternoon. Couldn’t understand a few of captain’s decisions, however, do agree with the Wie pick.
    *A marshall told me on Thursday just how methodical the European team went about spending time on the greens during practice days. Not so the Americans. He mused at the time, “Well, we’ll see if it pays off.” Prophetic!

  4. Ozz says:

    Don’t understand this view from above post: “The course was NOT fan friendly. Difficult to get around, therefore favored the Europeans”.

    Is that to mean that little USA support around parts of the course, thats why they loss! Sounds like the Marshall knows what it might take to win – can they make a male Captain….lol

    • loriab says:

      To elaborate on my comment ‘NOT fan friendly’, there were very few crosswalks thru fairways, many steep detours to get to holes to support certain groups. Course was beautiful but spread out. Rattlesnakes made themselves known on #16 in the native area. If you heard a roar and wanted to make your way to it, good luck! As such, hard to build momentum, frustrating for a fan. I heard the BBC commentator on my Solheim radio say that ‘Americans need to get out to #2 (or whatever it was) to follow their groups; they seem to like to just sit!’ Not sure that was fair. And noooo, certainly not THE reason for the loss but IMO momentum is a key factor. Next captain should be Dottie Pepper me thinks. Hopefully she’s not in bed with officials from a golf club that would give us an instant disadvantage. ;^)

  5. Red Zone says:

    The world is changing. The number one r&b song in America is by Robin Thicke. The number two song is or was by Justin Timberlake. Ariya wasn’t allowed in q school last year and Hull is allowed this year. The best players in the world of female golf probably didn’t cheer for either team and Michelle Wie was the captains choose. I would have given the Captains pick to Julie Inskter and would have said , “Julie, thanks for the memories”.

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