Dottie’s Fix

August 21, 2013

Pepper weighs-in on the Solheim Cup but after reading the following article, I fail to see the point she’s trying to make. What am I missing? SOLHEIM CUP NEEDS FIXING

Finished viewing the UK’s version of House of Cards. It was highlighted with a very unexpected ending. Worth a view.

Just received the rooCASE for my Nexus 7. Can’t believe I only paid $0.01 for it. That’s right . One lousy cent. I did have to pony-up for shipping since it wasn’t under Amazon Prime but it was no more than usual for something like this. $4.98 in fact.

The case has a faux leather finish, activates the start screen when opened and deactivates when closed and displays the nexus in landscape or portrait mode. It even came with a stylus pen for drawing. What more could I ask for one tenth of a dime.

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