Dottie’s Fix

Pepper weighs-in on the Solheim Cup but after reading the following article, I fail to see the point she’s trying to make. What am I missing? SOLHEIM CUP NEEDS FIXING

Finished viewing the UK’s version of House of Cards. It was highlighted with a very unexpected ending. Worth a view.

Just received the rooCASE for my Nexus 7. Can’t believe I only paid $0.01 for it. That’s right . One lousy cent. I did have to pony-up for shipping since it wasn’t under Amazon Prime but it was no more than usual for something like this. $4.98 in fact.

The case has a faux leather finish, activates the start screen when opened and deactivates when closed and displays the nexus in landscape or portrait mode. It even came with a stylus pen for drawing. What more could I ask for one tenth of a dime.

6 Responses to Dottie’s Fix

  1. Tommy G says:

    Ive know Dottie for 20 years of so…Dottie , in my opinion.gave herself a black eye…….She contracted herself when she mentioned that the USA team took the news re the ruling fri nite as chamiopns….No Way they could not put it behind them…..They wer looking gor a excuse and they found it. Whether you were rooting for USA or not you Have to admit they acted POORLEY starting with the John Ceena move it was disrecting the Euros….A real Star Rosie….. Who played for the US team a while back mentioned how dissapointed she was in the teams attitude..Rosie mentioned that they Gratefully accepted the applause and cheering NOT demanded it……..Golf Won!!!!!
    PS if I mispelled anything I am sure Jay will point it out >>BTW Best of luck in your final 2 week’s of Babysitting

  2. Ozz says:

    Larry, the rooCase – is it made from kangaroo skin thus the name?

    • lifeontour says:

      “Premium synthetic leather” was the description Ozz. Still can’t figure why only a penny. Went up to $2.98 now. Still a bargain.

  3. J Wake says:

    I haven’t seen the US version of House of Cards to compare, but saw all the UK one years ago. Thought Ian Richardson’s Francis Urquhart spot on. I imagine Spacey performs his part in similar fashion.

  4. mark says:

    I agree Larry. I think she is just trying to say quit worrying about face paint ETC,ETC. and win!

  5. Frank Michaels says:

    ‘throwing up…??” gezzz…makes it sound like the Solheim Cup is like going into battle…like jumping into Normandy or landing on the beaches…

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