Is The Magic Gone?

By looking at the start of Yanis’ round, one could only surmise that apprehension won over confidence.

The Big Wiesy is back. Dreams of the 2015 Solheim team are dancing in her head.

New caddie on the bag for Angela Stanford. Martin Pillar has taken over the reins. 

Tweet from Beth Ann Baldry: ‏Catriona Matthew won the Ladies Scottish Open in her backyard. Winds gusted 30 mph: “When it’s this windy I normally don’t practice!”

OMG! After a couple of early scores, Brent Musburger mentioned that there were Heisman Trophy candidates on the field in the Clemson-Georgia game yesterday.  What week is it again? Doofus!

Then there was this:

FORE! (uh, now 3½) Mexican croc chomps LI golfer’s fingers – “…he was forced to pay the $17,800 bill up front…”

Gustafson, 39, leaving LPGA; eyes on LET return

3 Responses to Is The Magic Gone?

  1. Red Zone says:

    The fifth major. Larry what a challenge for golfers 100 thru 65. If a player has a good finish at Evian they could possibly be playing the Asian swing. With the large purse and limited field it will be exciting.

  2. Red Zone says:

    Larry please change to Red Zone thank you

  3. Frank Michaels says:

    Poor Tseng…she is, without question, toast…the Golf Demon is so deep inside her head even Dr Phil couldn’t dislodge it…

    One more cut, and Bu88les Wie may be named Player-Captain of the Solheim Team in 15…

    Happy Labor Day to all us working, have worked, or soon to be not working stiffs that don’t have 20 million dollar endorsement gigs…

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