Medicine Men

September 3, 2013

Unable to get Fox News through my basic cable package, I tend to switch between the top three propagandist offerings and noticed something more communal than their liberal slant during the evening time slot. The advertising targeted at a specific age group (of which I am a member) is blatantly apparent.

The pharmaceutical industry has a solid lock on almost all the ads. There seems to be a populist pill or potion to fix anything that ails ya, according to their hype. It’s obvious, given the financial impact of product promotion, the younger generation must have their eyes wide shut and no interest in the goings on of the least via the tube.

Here is just a sampling of the medicinal magic aimed at our aging population.

Yarelto, Aleve, Nexium, Gold Bond, Xeljanz, Lifestyle Lift, Restatis, Axiron, Chantix, Allegra, Spiviva, Abilify, Salonpas, Celebrex, Tums, ialis, Megared, AndroGel, Zoloft, Thermocare Wraps, Lipo-Flavonoids, Xejanz, Centrum Silver and Advair.

Which one do you use?

Then there was this:

Castrale ends her LPGA season to have hip surgery

CITING OBAMACARE, 40,000 LONGSHOREMEN QUIT THE AFL-CIO – Bet the Democrats didn’t’ see that coming. They failed to consider the unintended consequences of draconian legislation.

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